NDL Medic First Aid

If anything happenes - i'm near.












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Real human life is full of surprises. No one knows what may happen in the next minute. And we can’t allow even the slightest possibility that the accident led to irreparable consequences.

In any country life of distressed man depends primarily on the actions of someone who can provide assistance prior to the arrival of qualified medical personnel.

Nothing can be more precious than life. That is why the NDL Medic First Aid course is popular not only for divers but also for people who are not engaged into diving.

Minutes decide everything.


The speed of decision-making in an emergency always depends on the quality of training of a rescuer.

In this course you will master the skills to help a person in distress: domestic injury, bleeding, cardiac arrest and many other situations that endanger human life and health.

The ability to focus, assess the situation correctly, choose the right sequence of actions and save the man's life that is priceless.





International training standards.

World experience at your disposal.


The aim of the course is to develop first aid skills to the victim and to maintain its ability to live up to the moment of assist him professional medical aid.

The program NDL Medic First Aid is designed according to the rules of international standards and it takes into consideration the latest recommendations of the European Resuscitation Council.







NDL Rescue Free Diver

Your buddy under your protection.











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Free diving is an active tourism associated with a certain degree of risk of occurrence an extraordinary situation. At that point human safety is largely depended on correctness you and your partner actions.

If you want to be able to provide assistance to your partner in a stressful situation, the course NDL Rescue Free Diver will be for you.

The best problem is a preventable problem.









The World Oceans with its depths and mysteries is always friendly to well-trained and qualified free divers. To those who are prepared not only for adventure but also for the unexpected events.

Instructor on the NDL Rescue Free Diver course will teach you how to foresee possible emergencies, take action in order to be prepared for it and prevent it.

Forewarned is forearmed.



There are no unsolvable problems. There are people unready to these problems.


On the NDL Rescue Free Diver course you will master skills to help a free diver in a stressful situation and a free diver in distress, the mechanics of transporting the unconscious diver to the shore or to a ship at observance of all necessary personal safety measures.

Safety is not enough.






Your underwater document.


Upon completion of training you will get a free diver's certificate in electronic and plastic form.

On the NDL website you will be entered into an international free diver database. If you forget the certificate at home the confirmation can be found on the NDL website.




Continuation of education

There is no limit to excellence.


After completing the NDL Rescue Free Diver course you possess skills to help to the partner on the water you can confidently plan dives greater degree of complexity and increase the level of professionalism having passed a series of courses that improve skills up to the first professional level NDL Divemaster.

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