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This is the most important course. The man had not been scuba diver - he became them.

The level of training will allow you to dive up to 18 meters in tandem with a partner anywhere in the world. The education program will provide your theoretical and practical training to the actual diving.

Training is conducted according to the international standards EN and ISO. Electronic textbook is in the public domain. Electronic certificate to your smartphone you will get immediately after the course. Plastic certificate promptly deliver to you by post.

The high level of training. Strict quality control. All of this - NDL Diver course.

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Ensuring the safety of the diver

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The purpose of the recreational diving is safety, comfort and health of the person. Course NDL Diver is the first step into the underwater world. This important step should be as safety as possible.

Theoretical training

Knowledge is the foundation of safety.

In the theoretical part of the course you will receive necessary and sufficient information on physics, special physiology, organizational measures and equipment for doing your dives as safety and comfortable as possible. You will be able to control the organization and conduct of underwater journey in terms of the most modern rules of safety ensuring.

The first lesson: The pressure change under the water. Fundamentals of buoyancy. Equipment for diving.

The second lesson: The physical features of the water environment. Additional diving equipment. Partnership System under the water.

The third lesson: Air breathing under high pressure.

The fourth lesson: The table of decompression dives. Dive computers.

The fifth lesson: Organization and planning of dives. Coordination of cooperative actions. Types of underwater bottom. Potentially dangerous sea inhabitants.


Practical training

From theory to practice.

In the practical part of the training practiced skills of solving all possible emergency situations, which might occur under the water, skills of buoyancy control and skills in the use of scuba gear. Training is divided into classes in closed and open waters. In the closed water diver develops skills to control scuba gear and solutions of possible problems. In the open water he shows them in the real world (conditions).

At the first lesson, among other skills you will learn to breathe under the water, clean the mask from water and provide assistance to the partner need air.

At the second lesson, you will master the basic skills of economical movement under the water, buoyancy control with using special equipment.

The third lesson is aimed at solving a number of problems that could theoretically occur with the equipment.

The basis of the fourth lesson is the rules and sequence controlled and safe surfacing from great depths.

At the fifth lesson, you already have the ability to navigate independently and embark on the development of assistance skills to the partner in the event of his problems with the equipment or in case of lack of control on his part oxygen supply.

The sixth lesson focuses on a number of skills by decision of potential problems in a state of weightlessness.


Real diving.












Preparing for the real dive

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The special feature of the NDL Diver course is its proximity to the actual conditions. Training techniques created and adapted so that any person could learn to dive regardless of gender and age.

There is no a man who is not given to be a diver. There are people who have not been trained.


Knowledge is the foundation of responsibility.


Theoretical course database contains the basics of physics aquatic environment and special physiology, information on organizational measures and the general principles of operation of the equipment. Thus you get the opportunity to evaluate the process of preparation and conduct of real dives by employees of this industry (instructors, dive guides). Human security guarantee can only be due to the professionalism of the organizer and the client-side control.







You are a diver from the first minute of lesson.

On the practical lessons of the course the emphasis is on exercises in the real world in a state of neutral buoyancy. The diver comfort and safety achieved by exhaust to automatism management skills of this technique and perfect actions in emergency or rapidly changing stressful situations.

All possible emergency situations are known as well as known ways of their solution. All problem solving skills under the water you will get on the practical classes of this course. This approach in training entitles NDL instructors invite you to the world of diving and say that this kind of tourism is the most safety.





A textbook of the 21st century.


You can refresh your memory of the theoretical part of the course by logging free of charge into the appropriate section of the site and reading the NDL e-book.


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International training standards.

World experience at your disposal.


NDL programs are internationally certified EN and ISO.

The level of training NDL Diver meets the international standard EN 14153-2 / ISO 24801-2 «Autonomous Diver».

This suggests that the scheme of your training in the theory and practice meets the highest international standards.

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Your underwater document.


Upon completion of training you will get a diver's certificate in electronic and plastic form.

On the NDL website you will be entered into an international diver database. If you forget the certificate at home the confirmation can be found on the NDL website.



NDL Novice Diver

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For people planning to dive under the obligatory supervision of a professional created a unique course NDL Novice Diver which does not have a set of skills providing autonomous navigation without the supervision of an instructor or other professional.

Course NDL Novice Diver differs from the NDL Diver course one training unit. In the future if you decide to improve your skill level you can complete the program of NDL Diver course having received additional training from a certified instructor NDL.

Course NDL Novice Diver meets the international standard EN 14153-1 / ISO 24802-1 «Supervised Diver» and Russian state standard GOST R ISO 24801-1-2008.


NDL Confined Water Diver

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In case there is no possibility to pass training lesson in open water at the moment you can master the program NDL Confined Water Diver.

In the future as soon as possible you can finish the NDL Diver course in open water.


Continuation of education

There is no limit to excellence.

Upon completion of the initial training course you will be able to choose the way of improving your skills and empowerment:

You can master buoyancy on the professional level of the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course.

You can be trained to do underwater photo or video, to navigate with compass and natural landmarks. You can master the dive skills during the hours of darkness. You can learn technique of deep-sea diving.

You can learn to take responsibility and assist the distressed diver on the NDL Medic First Aid and NDL Rescue Diver courses.

And much, much more to the point to become a professional and make this exciting experience your career.

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