NDL Free Diver Level I

The beauty of freedom.
















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Freediving or free immersion is the way to real freedom and self-improvement. Freediving gives a person the opportunity to feel complete harmony with nature and feel completely independent of any equipment. Man and depth only. The harmony of freediving is comparable to the fascinating beauty of bird’s flying or panther’s jumping.

The NDL Free Diver Level I course will allow you in just 5 lessons to make this harmony part of your life.

The goal is comfort not a record.














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Nonprofessional freediving is trained not requiring a lot of time and does not contain exhausting practices. The NDL Free Diver Level I course contains a number of simple skills and techniques that will greatly improve your breath holding result, and you will not spend much time and energy thereon.

Absolutely anyone can learn to dive breath-holding. You need the desire only.

A NDL free diver has nothing to prove. His own opinion is important only.

Safety is at the forefront.














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The goal of nonprofessional freediving is human safety, comfort and health. The NDL Free Diver Level I course will provide you with the theoretical foundation you need to fully ensure your security. The mechanics of breath-holding and the rules for submerging should be carried out in such a way that safety is guaranteed. The complete independence of a diver is determined primarily by his ability to provide himself with such conditions that his life and health are beyond any risk. And after this course you will be able to provide such conditions.

Beauty-comfort-security - one cannot exist without the other in freediving.

There is technology - the result will come.














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The main focus of training lessons is on the development of free-diving techniques: entering water, breathing before and after diving, skills of economical movement in the water column, safe lifting to the surface and much more. It is the skills of this technique that will bring you the result. You will dive deeper, your breath-holding will be longer, and fatigue will be less.

Diversity of Freediving.














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The NDL Free Diver Level I course is focused on the possibility of diving in any conditions: with and without flippers. With and without a wetsuit. With and without a load. With and without a breathing tube. A real free diver should be able to dive when and where he wants. 

Where there's water, there's freediving.


Your underwater document.


Upon completion of training, you will receive the Free Diver Certificate in electronic and plastic form.

On the NDL website, you will be entered into the international database of free divers. In case you have forgotten the certificate at home, the confirmation thereof can be found directly on the NDL website.



Further Education

No limit to perfection.


Upon completion of the NDL Free Diver Level I basic course, you will already have all the necessary skills for safe breath-holding diving. But you can provide even greater comfort and safety of your diving by taking other courses:

At the deep diving courses of NDL Free Diver Level II and Level III, you, under the supervision and guidance of your NDL instructor, will try to reach your first serious depths and master and practice your mutual guarding skills.

At the NDL Rescue Free Diver course, you will learn how to act in emergency situation and, what is important, how to prevent its occurrence.

At the NDL Master Free Diver course, you will learn information on how to organize a professional level diving with breath-holding. A competent organization is a guarantee of security.

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