NDL Divemaster

A man who knows everything.


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First professional level

Leader. Organizer. Professional.












New job

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The main player of a professional team of tourist diving is a person who has a Divemaster status. Millions of certified divers coming to world resorts open the underwater world under his leadership. With a large-scale development of diving tourism, this profession has become more popular than ever. In addition, skills in organizing and leading people are always in demand in all spheres of modern life without exception.

That is why the NDL Divemaster course itself is full of interesting information on organizing people, travelling underwater, navigating, controlling a group of divers, planning and exploring the World Ocean.


The world is huge and waiting for you.













Travelling all over the world

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You will have the opportunity to come to any world resort and do something you love there. But if earlier you were paying money for the happiness of flying in the ocean space, now you will get money for this. You can take a break from office work, plunging into life described perhaps only in adventure films like "Malibu Rescuers"

The dream of millions will become a reality for you:

To travel for free. To work while resting


The NDL Divemaster course is a way of a person with ambitions.



There is a commander, a superman, a leader in every person from childhood. The whole human history is the story of people who make decisions and commit acts. The profession of a divemaster is an ideal way to realize the child's dream. To lead people and to discover the most beautiful and shadowed corners of the planet – it is a real happiness. And every evening to sink in a sea of gratitude - this is what every person dreams of in the early morning.


Friends anywhere in the world.













Friendship and Communication

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In the 21st century, a diving professional is a person surrounded by a large number of acquaintances. He is a friend for each of them, and his life is an example for follow. This marvelous self-awareness tears modern patterns about the fact that the world has become virtual, people are lonely, and communication in social networks is a new reality, which will have to be accepted.

Real life is the life that is here and now. No stuffy office and computer monitor will replace sun, suntan, live speech and real warmth of human hands. 

Skills of a professional organizer

Personal control and complete independence.












It is well known that if you want to do something excellent, do it yourself. The ideal way to ensure the safety of your family and friends is when you provide security. The ideal way to be independent is to depend on yourself only. The NDL Divemaster course is a school of real independence and an ideal training for the development of the leadership abilities of a modern person. The work of a divemaster is a daily response to the collective question "What to do?"  A divemaster is a person who knows what to do.

International Education Standards 

Guaranteed quality of mastership.

NDL programs have international EN and ISO certification.

The NDL Divemaster training level corresponds to the international standard EN 14153-3 / ISO 24801-3 "Dive Leader".

This suggests that the scheme of your training in theory and practice meets the highest international standards

Compliance with the highest standards of ISO and EN means that your qualification is internationally recognized and the training level meets the highest international requirements. This gives you the right and opportunity to find work even in the most remote part of the planet.

Water geography is huge. Where there is water – there is diving.

Download certificate



Your underwater diploma.


Upon completion of training, you will receive the Divemaster Certificate in electronic and plastic form.

On the NDL site, you will be entered into the international database of divemasters. In case you have forgotten the certificate at home and it is necessary for employment or for obtaining a working visa abroad, the confirmation can be found directly on the NDL website.



Further Education

No limit to perfection.


After completion the NDL Divemaster course and after gaining some work experience, you can enter the instructor course and practice scuba training. These are new opportunities, this is other money, this is a qualitatively new professional level.

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