NDL Free Diver Level II

First kiss of depth.
















Deep Water Practices

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Mastering the skills and techniques of free diving requires practice. This is the focus of the NDL Free Diver Level II course.

Minimum dive depth to get certified: 10 meters

The partnership system is a security system.












Real diving safety can be guaranteed by a partner only.

Clear plan. Consecutive execution. Partner’s control. Control over the partner. All this is the foundation, on which the safety of modern freediving stands. And even shallow depths require these security measures. At the NDL Free Diver Level II course, you will learn the basics of mutual guarding at shallow depths.


NDL Free Diver Level III

Be realistic - wish for the impossible.













Mutual guarding at great depths

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Depth is not the main goal, but nevertheless it attracts. Depth is a beauty. Depth is a secret.

The goal of the NDL Free Diver Level III course is to give an opportunity to discover this secret.

Minimum dive depth to get certified: 20 meters

The main meters are the last meters.











Great depths require additional security measures: special partner’s attention. More complex control systems. New rules of coordination of joint actions. At the NDL Free Diver level III course, you will learn the rules of mutual guarding while deep diving. 

Serious depth - serious security measures.



Your underwater document.


Upon completion of training, you will receive the Free Diver Certificate in electronic and plastic form.

On the NDL website, you will be entered into the international database of free divers. In case you have forgotten the certificate at home, the confirmation thereof can be found directly on the NDL website.





Further Education

No limit to perfection.


Upon completion of the NDL deep diving courses and mastering your skills for safe breath-holding, you increase the safety and comfort of your diving and diving of your partner. But safety is not enough.

At the NDL Rescue Free Diver course, you will learn how to act in emergency situation and, what is important, how to prevent its occurrence.

At the NDL Master Free Diver course, you will learn information on how to organize a professional level diving with breath-holding. A competent organization is a guarantee of security.

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