NDL Instructor

Energy of Mastership.







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It's just time to pass on your experience.










Basics of the Teachers’ Training
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Any person is an experienced professional in a number of areas. For example, in maths. But try to pass on this experience to a child. He will put you at a dead end with the first question: "What is a figure?" A training system is required for the professional transfer of knowledge - a set of methods, training materials and a clear plan of classes on theory and practice. You will receive all that at the NDL Instructor course.

It is not enough now to know and be able to do. Now you need to teach this to another person.


Good work is well paid.


At the Instructor course, you will learn modern marketing techniques and rules of building your own business in the field of free diving.

A real instructor in the client’s opinion is not primarily a seller of goods and services, but a teacher and a person to whom he/she fully trusts.

Free diving is a very special and unique form of business. Experience and knowledge is an inexhaustible product for which a huge warehouse is not needed, and the lightness and beauty of the material presentation determine the reliability of its delivery to the consumer. The NDL Instructor course will help you to establish this logistics.




There is one goal, but people are different.












Basics of the Teachers’ Training Psychology

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Communication with people requires from the instructor an individual approach to each student. Anyone can learn the course program, but different approaches to learning may be needed to achieve this goal. Any training program is dead without considering the individualities of a particular person.

That is why the basis of the communication psychology with customers is an integral and important part of the NDL Instructor course.


One for many.











Oratory is a skill of public speaking for the purpose of persuasion. Ordinary conversation differs in its specificity from the ability to speak in public. The accuracy of wording, the sequence of presentation, the control over the audience -these are the skills that are necessary for a modern instructor. You will receive these and many other methods of speaking in front of the audience at the Instructor course.




Now you are the one who is ahead.


Any person is born to be a leader - that is given to everyone. It is important only to find the sphere, in which he/she is able to show these skills. Teaching people is just the area that enables a person to reveal himself in this respect. Development of the leadership skills, their systematization and methods of application in diving is also one of the tasks of the instructor training course.





NDL Master Free Diver

Personal control and complete independence.













Skills of a professional leader

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Upon completion the NDL Free Diver Level I basic course and the NDL Rescue Free Diver and MFA rescue courses, you can become a NDL Freediving Instructor Rank I and teach these courses in the pool.

But if you want to show your students all the beauty of freediving and have the opportunity to teach the entire line of NDL courses, you need to learn the skills of deep diving courses and the skills of a professional leader at the NDL Master Free Diver course.

It is well known that if you want to do something excellent, do it yourself. The ideal way to ensure the safety of your family and friends is when you provide security. The ideal way to be independent is to depend on yourself only. The NDL Master Free Diver course is a school of real independence and an ideal training for the development of the leadership abilities of a modern person. 

International Standards of Education

Guaranteed quality of mastership.

NDL programs have international EN and ISO certification.

The training level of the NDL Instructor Rank II corresponds to the international standard EN 14413-2 / ISO 24802-2 “Scuba Instructor Level 2”.

This suggests that the scheme of your training in theory and practice corresponds to the highest international standards

Compliance with high ISO and EN standards means that your qualification is internationally recognized and the training level meets the highest international requirements. This gives you the right and the opportunity to find work even in the remotest part of the world.

Water geography is huge. Where there is water - there is free diving

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Your underwater diploma.


Upon completion of training, you will receive the Instructor Certificate in electronic and plastic formas well as in the form of a wall certificate.

On the NDL site, you will be entered into the international database of professionals. In case you have forgotten the certificate at home and it is necessary for employment or for obtaining a working visa abroad, the confirmation can be found directly on the NDL website.





Moving forward is the key to success.


Any professionalism is not a frozen matter, and it requires its development. The one who is in constant movement wins.

Development of the instructor’s mastership is not only gaining experience, but also training in order to improve his/her own qualification and to move to a qualitatively new instructor level.

The top of the mastership and the peak of the instructor's professionalism is the NDL Free Diving Instructor rank III level. One day time comes, to teach those who will teach others.


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