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The skill of scuba management is determined not by the speed of its assembly and not by the depth of diving. The skill of scuba management is determined by the quality of one’s own buoyancy control. This is what gives the maximum air savings and longer time spent under water. Perfect buoyancy saves energy and brings your diving to a new level of comfort and safety. An experienced diver is a person who constantly hears the question: "Do you not breathe under water?" And he's breathing. Simply, he takes into account a number of important and subtle moments, which he was trained at the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course.

The descent of such a diver looks like a parachutist in free fall. His movement in the water column resembles a shark that dissects this thickness. His rise from the depths is the smooth take-off of an airliner.





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Power and air saving 

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The main goal of an experienced scuba diver is to increase the time spent underwater. And this will require: surgically accurate movements of flippers and virtuosic skills of managing the buoyancy compensator. Professional automatic response to the changing situation under water. Correct selection of load. Slow professional descent. Advance registration of changes related to the change of depth. Economy of  movements. Ability to completely relax. Correct position of the body in water and, as a result, maximum air saving.

The NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course is a course that everyone needs. In diving, they are met by clothes, and seen off by the air flow. There are special underwater rules of etiquette.

Perfect buoyancy.

Perfect security.


Any emergency always occurs as a result of any abrupt change of circumstances. And the smoother the transition is, the more time is to think and make the right decision. Determination of the movement direction, elimination of problems with equipment, assistance to the partner and any other emergency situations, which even theoretically possible under water, can be solved only under a quality control of buoyancy.

Buoyancy control is a key element of safety.

This course can be considered not as a further training after the basic course, but as its logical completion.


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High-quality underwater photo and video. Precise navigation.

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In the process of taking photos or videos, you can focus on the composition, rather than on the buoyancy compensator. The master of underwater photography is first of all the master of buoyancy. 75% of beautiful underwater photography is the ability to hang motionless in the water column.

During night diving in the absence of visible natural landmarks, thanks to a special technique of swimming, you reduce the risk of hitting something or raising slime from the bottom. During deep diving, when the air flow is increased, the mastered buoyancy will double your time spent under water. During the underwater navigation by compass, you do not get off the road, constantly looking at the BCD.

In all these and many other cases, a scuba diver urgently needs a quality control of his own buoyancy. Thus, the skills of the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course are a mandatory requirement for any kind of your underwater activity.

Neutral buoyancy is accuracy in navigation and luxurious photos. Neutral buoyancy is the maximum result in solving any task that you put for yourself during diving.

XXI Century Textbook.


You can refresh the theoretical part of the course by entering the corresponding section of the NDL website for free and reading the e-textbook thereof.


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NDL Advanced Professional Buoyancy Diver

Show everyone how this is done.






After completing the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course, you will already be masterful in buoyancy. But there are stars even above the sun. If you want to learn how to swim as no one can. If you want to have a number of techniques that another professional envies, then the NDL Advanced Professional Buoyancy course is just for you. It's very difficult, but it's the highest level. The main thing is to want, and you will succeed.





Your underwater document.


Upon completion of training, you will receive the Diver Certificate in electronic and plastic form.

On the NDL website, you will be entered into the international database of divers. In case you have forgotten the certificate at home, the confirmation thereof can be found directly on the NDL website.





Further Education

No limit to perfection.


Upon completion of the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course, any path of specialized diving or skill development is open to you: underwater navigation, swimming with currents, underwater archaeology, photos and videos, and much more than the diving tourism is rich in. All this lies before you. It remains only to lend a hand, choosing what you want


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