NDL Advanced Universal Diver

Adventures keep on.











Deep diving. Ability to navigate under water. Diving at night.

Feel the diversity of diving at the course of NDL Advanced Universal Diver.

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Deep diving

Crash your limits.








Diving down to 40 meters.

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After completing the basic course, you have already necessary skills for safe diving at depths of down to 18 meters. However, wrecks, Atlantis cities, gold of the conquistadors and other secrets of the World Ocean tend to be deeper.

The course of deep diving will allow you to reach the maximum nonprofessional diving depth of 40 meters.

There are no white spots on the map of the Ocean, there are places only where you have not been.

Underwater navigation

Only you know the way.







Navigation by compass and natural landmarks.

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A truly independent diver must be able to make his way to the intended goals and, what is important, to find his way back.

The course of underwater navigation will allow you to orientate underwater with a compass and natural landmarks such as light and shadows, coral walls, currents, position of the sun and much more.

The route is laid - the goal is achieved.

Night Diving

Night magic.


Everything changes under water at night. Those who were sleeping during the day wake up at night. In the light, the Spanish dancer will reveal its skirt to you. Crabs and crayfish creep out of the caves. Even the familiar places will appear new and mysterious to you. At the course of night diving, you will get skills of swimming and navigating in the dark with a flashlight. At the course you will be taught to control buoyancy in the absence of natural landmarks and to communicate with a partner under water at night.

Night diving is not dark and scary. Night diving is colorful and interesting.




XXI Century Textbook.


You can refresh the theoretical part of the course by entering the corresponding section of the NDL website for free and reading the e-textbook thereof.


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Your underwater document.


Upon completion of training, you will receive the Diver Certificate in electronic and plastic form.

On the NDL website, you will be entered into the international database of divers. In case you have forgotten the certificate at home, the confirmation thereof can be found directly on the NDL website.



NDL Universal Diver

Spread the boundaries.






If you want just to try yourself in underwater navigation, deep and night diving or you simply do not have enough time at the moment to complete a full course of NDL Advanced Universal Diver, you can take a trial course of NDL Universal Diver.

The NDL Universal Diver course differs from the NDL Advanced Universal Diver course in four classes in open water. Upon completion of training,you will receive the NDL Universal Diver Certificate, which will specify the maximum recommended submersion depth of 30 meters.

In the future, if you decide to improve your skill level, you can complete the program of the NDL Advanced Universal Diver course by receiving additional training from a certified NDL divemaster.



Further Education

No limit to perfection.


Upon completion of the NDL Advanced Universal Diver course, you will be able to apply the skills gained by choosing the way to improve your skills:

You can master your buoyancy at the professional level at the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course.

Learn how to take responsibility and provide assistance to a distressed scuba diver at the NDL Medic First Aid and NDL Rescue Diver courses.

And much, much more up to becoming a professional and making this exciting occupation as your job.

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