Presentation of NDL certificates to the crew of the film Nuremberg

On the final day of underwater filming of the film “Nuremberg”, in the presence of the legendary director Nikolai Lebedev, NDL Intro Underwater Stunt certificates were awarded to actor Sergei Kempo and understudies Igor Murashkin and Alexey Sharshunsky for successfully completing the course program and applying the acquired skills in big cinema.
... I would like to express my gratitude to Lebedev N.I. and the entire film crew.
It was a great pleasure for us to work with you!
P.S Stunt Divers Team

After completing the underwater stuntman course under the “Stunt Diving NDL” program, the student gets into the Stunt Divers Team database and, if the type is similar, has the opportunity to participate in underwater filming. We are open to everyone!
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