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Scuba control skill is not determined by the speed of its assembly and the depth of dives. It is determined by its own buoyancy control quality. It gives maximum air savings and increases time of stay under the water. The perfect buoyancy force saves and takes your dive to a new level of comfort and safety. An experienced diver is someone who constantly hears the question: "Are you under the water without breathing?" And he breathes. Diver takes into consideration a number of important and delicate moments which he taught on the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course.

The descent of the diver looks like a skydiver in freefall. His movement reminds shark crossing the water column. His surfacing from his dive is an airliner smooth takeoff.





Only a light stroke and flew.











Forces and air economy

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The main purpose of an experienced diver is to increase the staying time under the water (Increase staying time under the water is the main purpose of experienced diver).  And this will require: a surgically precise movements of the flippers and virtuoso buoyancy control device skills. Professional automatic reaction to the changing situation under the water. Proper selection of cargo. Professional slow descent. Advance consideration of changes associated with the change of the depth. Movements economy. The ability to completely relax. Correct body position in the water and as a result the maximum air savings.

NDL Professional Buoyancy course is the course that is necessary for all of us (every bode needs) (NDL Professional Buoyancy course is the right course for all of us). The diving meet on clothes and see off on air consumption. There are special rules of etiquette under the wate.

The perfect buoyancy.

The perfect safety.


Any abnormal situation always occurs as a result of a sudden change of circumstances. The more smoothly the transition the more time for thinking and making the right decision. Determining the direction of movement, the elimination of problems with the equipment, provision assistance to the partner or any other abnormal situations that are even theoretically possible under the water can be solved only provided the quality of buoyancy control.

Buoyancy control is a key safety element.

This course can be seen not so much as the training continuation after the initial course and as a logical completion of it.


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High-quality underwater photos and videos. The precise navigation.

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In the process of the photo or video you can fully concentrate on the composition rather than on control the buoyancy compensator. Underwater photography master is first and foremost a buoyancy possession master. 75% of beautiful underwater photography is the ability to hang motionless in weightlessness in the water column.

During night dives in the absence of visible natural landmarks you reduce the risk to touch anything or pick up feculence from the bottom due to a special swimming technique. During the deep-sea descents where the air consumption so elevated buoyancy will double your staying time under the water. During the underwater orienteering by the compass you will not knock out of the way constantly digressing on inflator BCD.

In all these and many other cases diver pointedly needs a quality control of its own buoyancy. Thus skills of NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course it is a prerequisite for any kind of your underwater activities.

Neutral buoyancy is a navigation precision and luxurious photos. Neutral buoyancy is the best result in the solution of any problem which you will put in diving.

A textbook of the 21st century.


You can refresh your memory of the theoretical part of the course by logging free of charge into the appropriate section of the site and reading the NDL e-book.


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NDL Advanced Professional Buoyancy Diver

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After completing the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course you will master own buoyancy. But there are stars above the sun. If you want to learn how to swim well but no one knows how. If you want to have a number of tricks that would envy a professional  then the NDL Advanced Professional Buoyancy course is for you. It is difficult but it is the highest level. The main thing to want and you will succeed.





Your underwater document.


Upon completion of training you will get a diver's certificate in electronic and plastic form.

On the NDL website you will be entered into an international diver database. If you forget the certificate at home the confirmation can be found on the NDL website.




Continuation of education

There is no limit to excellence.


After completing the NDL Professional Buoyancy Diver course any path of excellence and a specialized diving open for you: underwater navigation, diving in currents, underwater archeology, photos and videos and much more that is rich diving tourism. All this is before you. It only remains to lend a hand (reach out) by selecting desired.


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